Cat & Cam

London, England

Cat and Cam are a team who love sharing the history, creativity and fun of lindy hop with students all over the world.

Get ready to laugh your pants off whilst swingin’ the frig out! With 25 years combined teaching experience between them and a similarly ridiculous sense of humour, Cat and Cam are dedicated to helping their students improve and to working to a high standard, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. After teaching for the first time together in 2014, they have not looked back!

They love social dancing. They love throwing the hell down Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers style at 300bpm. They love teaching, helping people discover new talents and achieve their perceived impossibles. Most of all, they love making bad jokes. Also Jungle Speed (the greatest game ever). They love that too.

Cat and Cam recently won the Fast and Furious division at London Swing Festival, took first place in the Strictly Lindy at Chase Festival in Heidelberg, Germany, and made the finals in the Classic Showcase at the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC.

Cat and Cam4



Ajax & Marco

Berlin, Germany

Johanna Ajax Andrade fell in love with Lindy hop at the age of 15 and figured out that for her to afford to take as many classes as she wanted, she had to start teaching. She has tought with various members from the Harlem Hot shot in Stockholm and with local teachers in various events and dance schools in Europe and South America. With love for mevement she combines styles influenced from Jazz and Latin rhythms. She loves the rawness only a really good swingout can provide. 

Marco Dietz started dancing at a young age at Rockabilly events across Europe. In 2007 he went to his first Swing event and fell in love with the music, the Lindy hop and all the other Swing dances e.g. Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, to name a few. Since 2008 he travelled around Europe and abroad to dance whenever there was a chance. In 2011 he brought Swing Patrol to Berlin and teaches since then a lot of local classes and abroad in Europe and the World. Marco adopts the philosophy that dancing should always be full of joy!

Ajax Marco



Lizette & Patrik

Stockholm, Sweden

Lizette Rönnkvist Since the age of nine Lizette has been dancing and competing in lindy hop. After attending a three year long dance education she has been teaching, working and performing around Europe. At the moment she is based in Stockholm working as a professional dancer. Lizette has, just like Patrik, a strong focus on the roots and history of lindy hop and other swing dances like tap and jazz.

Patrik Pettersson: Patrik started dancing on a dare from a friend. But what started as a dare immediately turned into a new passion. The history, culture and authenticity are some of the key factors in Patriks dancing, and he constantly focuses on the roots of lindy hop. Living in Uppsala, Patrik teaches around the country as well as travels internationally to perform with various show groups, be it music or dancing.

Lizette og Patrik



Kit & Birk


Copenhagen, Denmark

Kit Blædel has been dancing the Lindy Hop since 2006, introducing the 

Charleston to the Copenhagen dance scene. She is teaching Lindy Hop and Charleston in Swingshoes, Copenhagen. Her background is african dance 

and her dance is characterised by the joy of playing with rhythm and using the body naturaly and feminine. Together with Jesper Andersen, her focus is 

technique, personal expression and 

classic movement. 

Birk Christiansen started at the age of 15 to dance and teach hip hop/show dance and electronic dances.

In 2011 he attended a social dance in lindyhop in his local dance scene in Odense. Since then he has taught in 2012 in Odense and has now moved to Copenhagen where he has taught since 2017.
"For me, jazz dance is the meaning of life." "I like to keep it simple and bring back the roots of the dance” “Scatting, musicality and the 3-minute love in a social dance is the most important thing for me"



Kit BlædelBirk1



Minou & Martin 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Minou and Martin have been dancing together since meeting at Herräng Dance Camp in 2012. They've danced their way through events and workshops in Europe and the US with their trademark playful style and contagious, genuine love of Lindy Hop. Minou Ericson is from Eskilstuna outside of Stockholm and simply loves to dance. While taking street dance classes she was introduced to lindy Hop and it was love at first sight. She loves social dancing, competing, choreographing and performing in both Lindy Hop and authentic jazz, using isolations and other street dance elements as part of her unique style. Ever since discovering Lindy Hop at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Martin has been pushing his dance by competing, teaching, performing and his favorite; social dancing. His misical intuition comes from an odd mix of his dads love of big band jazz, playing the drums as a teenager and a brief spell as a house DJ in London.  

 Minou and Martin



Gosia & Kuno

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kuno and Gosia are passionate lindy hop dancers, instructors and performers. They started their dance partnership in 2010, and they have been traveling around Europe ever since to learn and teach the lindy hop wherever they visit. In class, Kuno and Gosia love to focus on improving the core technique of the participants. They have developed a wide range of exercises to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for everyone. With backgrounds in didactics and communication, Kuno & Gosia have a deep understanding of teaching methods, and they make sure their classes are always well structured and easy to follow for all learning types.

Kuno & Gosia run a swing dance school in Copenhagen: Happy Feet Studio. 

 Kuno Gosia