Giedre & Marco

Giedre PaplaitisMarco Dietz

Berlin, Germany

Marco Dietz started dancing at a young age at Rockabilly events across Europe. In 2007 he went to his first Swing event and fell in love with the music and the Lindy Hop. Since 2008 he travelled around Europe and abroad to dance whenever there was a chance, where he also learned a lot of the other dances you can dance to Swing music, e.g. Collegiate Shag, NOLA Swing Style, Balboa etc. 

In 2011 he brought Swing Patrol to Berlin and teaches since then a lot of local classes for students with different experiences all over the city and sometimes abroad in Europe.

Marco adopts the philosophy that dancing should always be full of joy and you should always be having a great time.

Giedre Paplaityté, Lithuenia

Giedre fell in love with jazz dances more than a decade ago and can't really remember the life before lindy hop and all that jazz. When she's not teaching around the world, one can find Giedre burning the dance floor in one of her homes - may it be Vilnius, Berlin or even New Orleans. Giedre is known for her spontaneous performances to traditional jazz music and happy intuitive teaching. 
Giedre & Marco have started their partnership by teaching Collegiate Shag and Lindy Hop. In their high energy classes you will have a lot of fun exploring and mixing jazz and swing dance moves to the best possible traditional jazz music!



Mariel & Manuel 

Manuel and Mariel

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mariel Gastiarena and Manuel Ignacio Bicain Goral started dancing in 2004 and they dance together since 2010. They have worked with a lot of different swing bands in Argentina and the world.

They are producers of Swingin' Party, the bigest party in Southamerica, CA.PO.S, (the Buenos Aires Swing Dance Championships) and Swing City, the first Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz and Tap school in Argentina.  

They teach regular classes in their school in Buenos Aires and they are a referent couple in Southamerica.  They have competed locally and internationally and have tought workshops in several countries.

Also, they love the dansish scene and they are really happy to celebreate their 5th year in a row there!

Mariel discovered the Lindy Hop in 2004, when she was 14. Since that time she dedicated herself passionately to dance, moving into different styles (jazz dance, classical, contemporary, tap, african dance and tango).  

This eclectic training influences the different dance styles she dedicates to (lindy hop, authentic jazz and tap).

Manuel started to dance Swing in 2004. When he got into the traditional jazz and improvisation world, he found the prefect way to express himself and to share his art with people.

He studied with local teachers and took clases in Europe with the best dancers. He combined his training with martial arts, contact improvisation, theater and circus for several years. He has also studied tap and body percussion, disciplines that he’s still practicing.

He organized a lot of swing events in Buenos Aires and he is the producer of the jazz band Brazofuerte All Stars.

Manu participated in several shows as a swing dancer, and won different prizes in competitions. He teaches Lindy Hop, involving not just his heart and dance knowledge in each class, but also modern educational techniques to transmit what each student needs. 


Lizette & PatrikLizette og Patrik

Stockholm, Sweden

Patrik Pettersson: Patrik started dancing on a dare from a friend. But what started as a dare immediately turned into a new passion. The history, culture and authenticity are some of the key factors in Patriks dancing, and he constantly focuses on the roots of lindy hop. Living in Uppsala, Patrik teaches around the country as well as travels internationally to perform with various show groups, be it music or dancing.

Lizette Rönnkvist Since the age of nine Lizette has been dancing and competing in lindy hop. After attending a three year long dance education she has been teaching, working and performing around Europe. At the moment she is based in Stockholm working as a professional dancer. Lizette has, just like Patrik, a strong focus on the roots and history of lindy hop and other swing dances like tap and jazz.



Kit & Peter

Kit BlædelPeter Kopi Kopi

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kit Blædel has been dancing the Lindy Hop since 2006, introducing the Charleston to the Copenhagen dance scene. She is teaching Lindy Hop and Charleston in Swingshoes, Copenhagen. Her background is african dance and her dance is characterised by the joy of playing with rhythm and using the body naturaly and feminine. Together with Jesper Andersen, her focus is technique, personal expression and classic movement. 

Peter Kølbæk Johansen discovered Lindy Hop when he, by a coincidence joined an intro class to Lindy Hop, a few years ago. It was love at first sight; The music, the movements and the connection, communication and creativity between two people in a dance that is anchored in the authenticity and spirit of Lindy Hop in the 1930s' Harlem. He is now a regular on the social dance floor and loves to teach and explore the dance.