Kit & Birk

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kit Blædel has been dancing the Lindy Hop since 2006, introducing the Charleston to the Copenhagen dance scene. She is teaching Lindy Hop and Charleston in Swingshoes, Copenhagen. Her background is african dance and her dance is characterised by the joy of playing with rhythm and using the body naturaly and feminine. Her focus is technique, personal expression and classic movement. 

Birk Søde Christiansen started to dance and teach hip hop/show dance and electronic dances at the age of 15. In 2011 he attended a social dance in lindyhop in his local dance scene in Odense. Since then he has taught in Odense and has now moved to Copenhagen where he has taught since 2017.

"For me, jazz dance is the meaning of life." "I like to keep it simple and bring back the roots of the dance” “Scatting, musicality and the 3-minute love in a social dance is the most important thing for me" Birk says. 

Kit BlædelBirk