Olga & Alex

Brussels , Belgium

Olga Moiseeva is a virtuoso social dancer, instructor and performer of Lindy Hop and other dances of swing jazz era influenced by the authentic styles passed on to our generation by its originators and those who learned directly from them. It is her mission to continue working within the rich culture of swing dancing and teach her students “the real thing”.  She has been dancing Lindy hop for more than 15 years, having picked up the bug in Herräng Dance Camp. After working for many years with Moscow swing dancers, today you can spot her teaching regular classes in Belgian cities of Brussels and Ghent, traveling with workshops internationally, and performing at many swing dance events.

As a historian and researcher, she often hosts or gives lectures and seminars on swing era culture and traditions, be that music or dance history, society influence or vintage fashion. Given her experience with successfully growing swing dance communities, in 2014 she participated in the scene leaders panel at Frankie100 festival in New York.

Alex Kuznetsov explores the dance through his passion towards music of big swing orchestras and rhythm improvisation. His dancing journey started in 2007 and since then he never really stopped chasing the best Lindy and jazz dancers in the world and soaking the knowledge from them like a sponge. He constantly looks for inspiration from vintage clips with dance originators from Harlem ballrooms, which he applies then on the social dance floor, on the stage and in the classrooms. Having been raised with team sports taking a large part of his life, Alex always liked competing, practicing and coaching. No surprise the wild numbers of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers immediately caught his attention and ignited his fascination with high-tempo, athletically and rhythmically challenging performances and comedy-like attitude. He likes to say, “If Lindy hop doesn’t make you smile, you are doing it wrong!”