Hurra - Opening for booking

Registration for The Ugly Duckling Swing Festival 2020 opens on Sunday 2 February 12:00 and closes on Saturday 19 April.


Full Passes

Beginners Workshop 

Price - 600 DKK /  80 Euro plus bank fee


Beginner Intermediate ClassIntermediate Class, Intermediate Advanced Class

Early Bird - 1100 DKK / 147 Euro plus bank fee

Regular - 1200 DKK / 161 Euro plus bank fee


Party Pass

Party Pass 

Price - 400 DKK / 53 Euro plus bank fee


 One night of dancing

Single party entry 150 DKK / 20 Euro plus bank fee

If you are only able to come to one party you still have to book a ticket via our registration page
Book your ticket in advance via our registration system price 150,-
It is NOT possible to buy ticket at the entrance.