How to get there & around - map


How to get there & around

Odense is placed in the middle of Denmark. It is easy to get there by car, using the E20, or train or bus, as the main station is very close to everything you need this weekend. Have a look HERE for public transportation. 


 Odense is going through some changes, which means there is a lot of road work. To keep track of the changes se HERE and download the Odense Rundt App. 


To find out more on how to get around have a look HERE.


At the bottom of this page you will find a map with all the locations and venues you need for the Ugly Duckling Festival, such as dancing locations (red), accomodation (blue), where to eat (green), cultrual sights (purple) and main station (yellow). 


If you would like to go on more adventures in Odense we recommend looking at our description "Odense - the Town of Fairy Tales".